Friday, May 7, 2010

The operators and weavers in the Burgula malkha centre are getting used to regular visitors. Being the closest malkha unit to Hyderabad, it inevitably gets a stream of them. Here L Kannan, the inventor of the Gramaspinner pre-spinning machines and head of of Fractal Foundation, Chennai, the technical collaborators of malkha explains the working of the machines to senior Government officials during their visit in early April.

A few days ago Lakshmi Bhatia, Director Global Responsibility of the international Gap clothing company and a Board member of the Ethical Trading Initiative and Nandita Abraham, faculty member of Pearl Fashion Academy were there and met members of the Village Organization. In this pic Sumana gaaru, ZP president, translates the Gandhian texts framed on the walls for the visitors in the new first-floor hall where the looms are soon to be installed, while Yadamma and others from the VO look on.

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