Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Following Shoba's article we've had a flood of enquiries [well about 14 to be precise] about where malkha is available in Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore. This tells us that either Mint is more widely read there than in other Indian metros, or that people in these three cities are more interested in khadi type cloth, or both. Curiously enough it is in these 3 besides Pune, that malkha plans to hold exhibitions in the next 6 months, followed perhaps by one in Kolkatha.

Of course we would like to make malkha available everywhere at all times, but that day is yet to come: our production at present is only about 2500 metres a month, hardly enough to supply our regular customers and still have enough stock for 3-4 exhibitions a year. But as Shoba mentioned in her article, we have large ambitions. We hope to increase output gradually by setting up more and more malkha production centres in villages, particularly those where there is little opportunity for regular employment.

Meanwhile, we expect to reach the 4000 metres a month mark very soon from our 4 existing centres.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm from Bangalore and had read Shoba's article, and ever since have been trying to find out where I could get malkha in Bangalore.
    Glad to hear that you'd be back here next month! :)
    Please let us know via your blog when you visit here.