Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Here is a picture of Khadu Chitrakar from the recent Pune show Malkha & Crafts. The Chitrakars tell their own versions of the Ramayana and other stories, with delightful additions & improvisations.

The Pune show was the first time Malkha Marketing Trust organized an exhibition themselves... a lot of work, too much, and we probably will not do it again. It's so much simpler to participate in sales organized by others, particularly the Nature Bazars by Dastkar, where we invariably get good sales without having to worry about publicity, security, setting up stalls, drinking water, etc etc.

At the Pune show we had just a few stalls - Weavers' Wheel selling malkha and khadi garments, Jugaad, with patchwork from Karm Marg, Neev soaps and Karnataka jewellery and bags from Banjara and shepherd communities, patt paintings from Bengal, besides of course the malkha stall.

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