Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Check out rediff business of December 5... a profile of Kannan 'the Indian engineer behind the world-famous malkha fabric'. The wonderful pictures that go with the article, except for Kannan's portrait, are the work of Saravanakumar of Ecotone.

Thanks Shobha Warrier, but must disclaim some of the hyperbole...it is not ...yet... world famous, or known to 'all major designers the world over', but yes, it is well liked by some of the major Indian fashion designers.

And though small quantities have been exported to France & Italy, as far as we know it has not yet reached 'Norway, the United Kingdom & the United States' except through some individual buyers. A little to Japan too.

Malkha will be available in Chennai at the Dastkar exhibition at Kalakshetra Foundation, Tiruvanmiyur from January 20-29.

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