Sunday, April 22, 2012

energy-saving through malkha

Is there an energy audit for the country? Are industries rated according to it? Are there incentives for energy-saving or low-energy-use industries? How much of the energy planned for the future can be generated through ecologically sustainable means? How much of the energy in use today can be saved through various means? How can we cut down on transmission losses?

One of the great advantages of the malkha process of cotton textile production [besides the others] is that it uses much less energy than the conventional process to convert cotton fibre to cloth.

As Kannan's poster puts it  "If just 1.5% of India's cotton textile production were to come from Microspin-integrated [Malkha] units we would save more power that the capacity planned at Kudankulam." "At zero cost!" "With zero hazards!" the poster excitedly proclaims. And being broken up into small units, there is great scope for malkha production to convert entirely to alternative, renewable energy use, which might use solar, bio-mass, or others.

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