Thursday, August 23, 2012

Stock for Bangalore show

Stock being packed in Hyderabad for the Bangalore show... the hot new item being the wide-bordered natural dyed sarees. This time there is more of the plain natural dyed fabric too besides the regular favourites. Not as much indigo malkha as we would have liked, not enough to meet demand, but we are expanding production, with both the quantity of yarn and dyeing capacity increasing, so there should be enough to go round in the next few months.

Manjishta wide-bordered sari

Indigo is the only colour that is dyed cold, an absolutely fascinating process, will soon put up a description with pictures. You start with 3' deep earthen pots set into a bed of sheep dung, add the powdered indigo with lime & extract of boiled cassia tora seed, using waster filtered through sudda matti. The mixture takes about 10 days to ferment before it is ready to be used.

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