Monday, November 26, 2012

What a beautiful poster Either Or has made for their malkha show... and here is what they say:

This winter

Either or
proudly presents

 The new khadi

As the spirit of Christmas sets in, we bring to you the beautiful
range of the new khadi- Malkha .
Malkha – malmal and khadi is the new fabric that attempts to bring
together a possibility of love and harmony by combining the harmonious
efforts of small scale farmers and weavers with the love of the
unbaled natural cotton, and thereby bringing together a fabric that
brings with it a revolution of a kind.

With prints and plains in natural and non toxic colours, the malkha
fabric resonates the connection with its natural environment

Join us in this festivity and support the birth of a new beginning:
Celebrating with fabrics, saris and duppattas
At Either Or , Sohrab Hall
21, Sassoon road
Pune -411001

1st dec-10th Dec 2012

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