Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dastkar's biggest annual event, the Delhi Nature Bazar ends today and not only has the malkha stall has done very well, achieving substantially more than its target sale, but Malkha household made-ups at the stall next door seem to have done well too, and I hope to post some photographs soon of the beautiful things Delhi Crafts Council has made from malkha. We hope they will continue to retail the products from their shop Kamala, and design more stuff too.

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  1. I think Malkha was my most definitely favourite stalls at Nature Bazaar this time! In fact I probably liked pure Malkha than the made up becausse the texture of Malkha feels so wonderful that you do not need to ornament it - it is fresh and appealing - I bought a kurti (althought he fit could be better) I LOVED IT!!! thank you for your brillant work! My only suggestion is to have more written matter on the farmer to weaver bit - no matter how educated your customers are most of them cant distinguish between khadi and handloom and malkha is totally beyond their comprehension...