Friday, March 18, 2011

Sadly we forgot yesterday to take the camera with us to the shop, so didn't manage to record the bamboo gang, traditional medhri artisans from Khamana village in Adilabad district [whose older colleagues/brothers/fathers worked with Vinoo Kaley 20 years ago] setting up the beautiful racks and fabric panels mounted on bamboos and tied with indigo fabric ribbon. Our way of display, casual rather than formal, may not be to everyone's taste. There have been comments that there is too little light [compared to the blazing showrooms around], and questions why fabric is draped rather than stacked. We're also anxious about the hooks that have been put up in the beams to hold the bamboo racks taking the weight of the stacked fabric, though the racks themselves are strong. We find ourselves short of storage space, so several unopened bundles of stock just received from the production centres are hidden behind the fabric panels.

Invitations sent, millet biscuits & special tea ordered, tea-glasses bought, shamiana erected, projector organized, large poster and process chart printed and mounted, all ready for the formal opening later this evening. It's Holi today, so things are starting late. More tomorrow, with pictures.

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