Saturday, March 26, 2011

Well we had a good week at the shop, though no sales on Saturday which was cloudy & rainy. People came who had been looking for malkha, having heard about it from friends. One customer, city based, had finally located it and bought it at an exhibition in Kolkatha, and was delighted to have found our shop.

There were small notices in both the Hindu and Deccan Chronicle.

Since the shop is not signposted customers are having trouble finding it. Though the postal address is Humayun Nagar, this area name is not commonly known, and we've been advised to say Masab Tank instead. Also, though the big landmark for autos is NMDC, which is what the bus stop is known as, this is not exactly across the road from there, and again we've been advised to say 'opposite Madhura Sweets or Brilliant Tutorials' instead. Ah well. Teething troubles, and we should get our roadside sign up soon.

Now we have to juggle stock supplies with sales from exhibitions, to wholesale customers, and from retail, and may have to re-work our exhibition calendar for the year.

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