Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Golak our architect friend who is building our new village-based work centre needs to be encouraged to record his observations on what he call 'vernacular architecture'. What he has done in the way of documentation is just a small part of his vast repertoire of knowledge of local building techniques in different parts of the country.

Here for example is his commentary on the image above:

'Structure system of a heavy roof with Mangalore tiles set in a thick layer of mud. Tie beams over column/ door level and there are props( not entirely like a truss!) that holds the next layer of structure which in turn carries closely placed rafters which are not very deep(3”x3”). The next layer is thin wooden slats/ planks which acts as a false ceiling cum structure to hold the layer of mud which could be as thick as 3”. All this eventually works as a solid integrated/ monolithic structure which has very high insulation value. The fear of tiles flying off, or shifting with small wind pressure or monkeys and civet cats breaking them does not arise. Now I throw away all the details various innovative ideas I have had to protect tile roofs!'

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