Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A peaceful and productive 2012 to everyone.

The images are of the structure that is to house the new malkha production centre in a village in Karimnagar district, Andhra Pradesh. It is designed and built by Golak Khandual our friend-artist-architect whose specialty is to make persons with little formal education or training into confident and capable carpenters and masons. He is working his magic here, ably assisted by Sarita Dhawan, our civil engineer cum village everything.

Golak re-introduces local materials and local building techniques, to produce habitations and work spaces that are airy, comfortable, light & cool with the least use of energy-intensive processes. Absolutely in tune with the malkha philosophy!

Walls are made of local undressed stone and are being plastered with the rich red local mud.... more in later posts.

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