Sunday, March 18, 2012

We are taking small-small steps towards ownership by the producers of the production centres. In our Khammam centre our recently appointed honorary consultants Sudheer & Jyoti attended a 4 hour meeting of the spinners & pre-spinning machine operators to introduce the idea of the responsibilities of collective ownership to the 23 spinners working with that centre.

Here are two hastily taken pictures of the meeting.

Who's who: In the picture above Sudheer makes a point, Jyoti to his left.. To his right are three representatives of DCYT [another leans on the column]. In the lower picture, starting from the left, Lakshmiamma, senior spinner who has taught several friends & neighbours including Shaheen, [standing, right]. On Lakshmiamma's left is another spinner, then 2 women machine operators, 2 male operators, and the 'manager' of the pre-spinning unit.

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