Saturday, December 29, 2012

retailing malkha garments

At Malkha Marketing Trust our aim is to make malkha available to the large middle market, with  the lowest possible marketing overheads. In this approach there are lots of dilemmas which need to be resolved in a creative way. Regular mainstream marketing  needs a mark-up of AT LEAST 100% and often more, to make it viable. That would make the retail price of an average malkha kurti Rs 960 [2 metres fabric Rs 320, tailoring Rs 100, transport and overheads Rs 60], while we would like it to retail for around Rs 650-700.Then there is the investment and working capital cost to be factored in because we will need to hold stocks of garments in different designs and sizes.... aaarrrgh!

On-line retail is one possible way. Malkha fabrics are already available on i-tokri, but retail of garments is a whole other ball-game - sizes, styles etc. And on-line cannot be the ONLY way, we also need some direct access to introduce malkha to people who have not seen/touched/worn malkha before.

Ideas and suggestions welcome.

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