Saturday, January 5, 2013

Malkha spinners & weavers bonus

This time of year at the Sankranthi festival  we pay an annual bonus to malkha weavers and spinners, based on how much they produce.Spinners who are paid Rs 120 per kg are given a bonus of Rs 30 per kg, and weavers who are paid Rs 23-25 per metre are paid a bonus of Rs 3 per metre. The highest weaving bonus of Rs 6416.7 was paid to M Satyanarayana of Sircilla who wove 2138.9 metres during 2012. 38 hand-spinners have together spun over 2000 kg of yarn, and been paid around Rs 60000. For some this is a part-time activity, which is why the quantities are low. Karuna, our star spinner has spun 238 kg and would have done more if she had not been employed for a few days to teach new recruits by DCYT.

This year thanks to our inclusion under the handloom category by the Ministry of Textiles, we have also been able to obtain the yarn subsidy of Rs 10 per kg for malkha weavers who have Weaver ID cards. We are helping others to get the cards, and next year we hope to access the Rs 20 subsidy from the Government of Andhra Pradesh in place of the Central Government's Rs 10.

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