Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Malkha core constituency

It was really interesting to sit in the Malkha stall at the WW Congress, and to see who was attracted to Malkha and who preferred the synthetic street clothes, gauzy scarves and Hyderabad pearls on offer at other stalls. Interesting because Malkha usually meets the public only at Craft shows, where only  people come who are interested in handmade products. The Malkha core customer at the WW Congress show was found to be the professional and academic community, mostly but not only women, from big cities and secondary Indian towns. Just one of the foreign delegates, from Norway, liked the fabric and took the trouble to look at the Malkha literature. She told us what we of course know, that it is impossible to find tailors in Norway.

The experience confirms our suspicion that there is enough of a market for Malkha within the country if we can find ways to make it available without having to add the high cost of retail now prevailing in urban Indian spaces.

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