Sunday, August 17, 2014

The price of choice

Recently we've heard murmurs among customers at Malkha exhibitions about lack of variety of malkha fabrics. This sets us thinking about the question of choice: how much is enough? What kinds of choice do customers want? How much choice, how many different varieties of Malkha are we able to provide?

Malkha is limited first of all by its material - cotton - and its process - it is woven from Malkha yarn on handlooms in limited thicknesses. Secondly the colours in which Malkha is available is limited by the range of natural dyes, about 6 colours, which we vary by using a different colour each for warp and weft in a single fabric.

Within these limitations Malkha could technically offer a huge range of natural dyed, plain or printed fabrics; the choice for the Malkha Marketing Trust is either to make limited investments in stock, or to maintain a large inventory of many  different kinds of fabric. If we choose the second option, to offer a larger choice to customers, Malkha will have to build its investment capacity by charging customers much higher prices, putting Malkha fabrics into the luxury bracket.

And there you have it. The choice is between larger variety at a higher cost, or reasonable variety at a  reasonable price.

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