Monday, May 16, 2011

Among the organizations with whom Malkha collaborates is the Centre for Sustainable Agriculture, which is promoting organic cultivation of food crops and cotton in Andhra and the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. Last year they began multiplying non-BT seed, and this year they have enough for 500 acres, and these are seeds that the farmers can multiply themselves, unlike the seed sold by the seed companies. Dr Ramanjaneyulu, the Director of CSA, says that seed from 2 plants is enough for an acre. This year we hope to switch in at least 3 of our production centres to Non-Pesticide cotton, and next year to organic. A very exciting prospect, because it is not only a step towards self-sufficiency for the farmer and therefore the village, but also because we are convinced that organic cotton produces better cloth. Once some years ago we had tried a small lot of organic lint, and it was not only easier to process, with less wastage, but the cloth was softer and more lustrous.

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